Adeline Home Theater Motorised Sofa

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Free white gloves delivery and installation islandwide worth $149.

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For a limited time, all our sofa will be customised with Leggett & Platt recliner mechanism worth $499.

sinomax Sinomax Foam

For a limited time, all our sofa will be customised with ultra high density sinomax foam worth $349.

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Direct Price $2,829.00


Buying direct means the price excludes middleman markup and up to 40% cheaper.

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Adeline home theater black sofa sets
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black 3 seater sofa home theater electric recliner with storage and cupholder
black armchair home theater sofa with led cup holder and storage handrest
italian top grain leather 2 seater sofas with storage and cup holder
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reclining armchair with adjustable headrest and usb
electric recliner armchair with handrest storage and 2 cup holder
Online Only Item

Direct Price $2,829.00


Buying direct means the price excludes middleman markup and up to 40% cheaper.

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Comfy sofa features :
Manufactured by the best sofa factory
Leather is processed by finest tannery in Italy

  • Italian Top Grain Leather
  • USA Leggett & Platt Mechanism
  • Ultra high density USA Sinomax Foam
  • Semi Aniline Leather


Bring your home entertainment system to the next level with Comfy’s stunning 3-seater home theater sofa. Jam-packed full of style, comfort, and features, you will be able to make the most out of your movie nights. This state of the art design features two fully reclining powered seats with armrest storage and cup holders on each side for all your snacking needs. The headrest is easily adjustable at the push of a button.

With thick padding, these reclining seats will bring you hours of comfort to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, or series on the big screen. The middle seat can be folded down to showcase a stunning headlight great for seeing in low-light situations. You will also find a handy storage pouch, two additional cup holders, a power socket, and two USB outlets to keep all your gadgets charged up and by your side. You will feel like a big shot with under the sofa blue LED movie lights which are great when the lights are turned off. Each sofa is made of high-quality top-grain Italian leather for a natural feel that remains cool and comfortable. Don’t settle for an every-day sofa when it comes to your entertainment needs. Take it a whole new level with Comfy’s top-quality sofas.

  • One USB port on the side for mobile charging.
  • USA Leggett & Platt reclining mechanism.
  • Ultra high-density foam from USA market leader SINOMAX.
  • Leather's ability to withstand 40,000 folds in multiple directions without damage.
  • High scratch resistance.
  • Color does not fade easily even when exposed to sunlight.

USA Leggett & Platt Mechanism

All of our comfy sofas includes a Leggett & Platt Reclining Mechanism within it. A true market leader in the USA, Leggett & Platt produces a strong unit that can withstand more than a 159kg load and 35,000 full motions and will keep on reclining.

USA Sinomax Foam

Each piece of our incredibly comfortable, well-made pieces of sofa is crafted with a remarkably soft and cozy SINOMAX foam; offered from the USA market leader in foam. Put through a rigorous test simulation to determine its long-term durability, this truly impressive foam can withstand a 220kg load upon it, 16 times per day and it will stay firm for at least 10 years of use.

Leather Flexometer Test

Our leather is made to withstand real use and retain its high-quality appearance; we know because we put it through a Leather Flexometer Test to make absolutely certain. Able to withstand at least 40,000 folds in multiple different directions, our amazing leather is truly made to last no matter how often it's rested upon.

Scratch Resistant Test

Remarkably resistant to scratches to maintain it’s sleek and stunning look from top to bottom. We have tested our leather’s ability to withstand at least 50,000 scratches and it effortlessly passes the Leather Scratch Resistant Test without a hitch. Our superior leather is made to defy any wear you try to put it through.


How long does delivery take?

Within 4 working day if we have it in stock. Whatsapp us at 97472969 to find out about stock availability and customisation.


5 year Limited Warranty

Item Period
1 year
Recliner mechanism
USA sinomax foam
wooden frame
5 years
Leather Wear & Tear Not covered


3 Seater Sofa: 218cm x 109cm x 108cm

2 Seater Sofa: 190cm x 109cm x 108cm

Armchair : 98cm x 109cm x 108cm


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