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What We Have Done:

Simply stated, we have revolutionized the modern furniture industry. By cutting out the middleman, we have dramatically reduced everything from furniture costs, to shipping times. As a company, Comfy is committed to working directly with world-class sofa manufacturers from around the globe. We have partnered with factories that have combined the very best of designer styles, high tech functionality, and honest pricing. In our effort to bring you the best options in style, comfort, and utility, we have essentially removed the need for furniture retailers. Keeping cost low, and streamlining your process has always been a top priority at Comfy. Therefore, all of our products are perfectly optimized to contain the best possible pricing, and the highest quality options available on the furniture market. Why work with expensive furniture retailers who simply add a markup, when you can work directly with Comfy?

Our Vision For The Future:

Our goal is to deliver fair priced, high quality furniture directly from the factory to households around the globe. By bringing our sustainable model of factory direct sofas delivered to your door, we are slashing prices for consumers everywhere. The modern furniture industry has too many unnecessary elements like warehouses, retail stores, expensive advertising campaigns, and employee salaries that inflate the actual cost of your furniture. Our philosophy is changing the modern furniture industry one customer at a time. By connecting consumers directly with high quality factories, household furniture just became more affordable than ever.