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We take pride in offering high-quality products that are built to last. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer the following warranty terms:

Electrical Motor & Buttons - 1 Year Limited Warranty
We stand behind the electrical motor and buttons of our recliner sofas from the date of delivery except water inflitration on the non waterproofing electrical parts. If you experience any defects or malfunctions within this time, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Recliner Mechanism (Exclude Footrest), Sofa Wooden Frame & Base (Cloth/Belt/Spring) - 5 Years Limited Warranty
We offer a five-year warranty for the recliner mechanism (except twisted/bent footrest caused by excess weight or damge by foreign objects or unreasonable alignment expectations on the movable parts to be symmetrical as an precise engineered product), sofa wooden frame, and base (cloth/belt/spring) of our recliner/sofas. These components are critical to the performance and durability of your furniture, and we are confident in their quality. Should you encounter any issues with these components during the warranty period, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Upholstery Material (Leather, Fabric, Foam, Stitch) - 1 Year Limited Warranty:
We use quality materials, if any unseen defects are to surface within the mentioned cover period, we will replace/repair the defective affected parts (but not exchange or refund after customer signed the check and acceptance because packaging is discarded and product used)

It is important to note that wear and tear or beyond the material's capability or defying its natural characteristic on the material are not covered under our warranty. We strive to use the highest quality materials in our products, but over time, normal use will cause natural wear and tear. We encourage you to care for your recliner/sofa appropriately to prolong its lifespan.

Example below are not covered: leather/fabric naturally can stretch which is suitable for repeated compression therefore crease can occur. Foam/cushion is by density and weighed specification but hand-stuffed therefore subjective experience, user's usage habits and weight distrbution can affect the shape and contour. Stitch looped excess or alignment on stretchable material cannot be measured to be symmetrical. Sweat stained degrading, inproper maintenace by the wrong cleaning agent or abrasive wipe and excess strength can reduce the integrity resulting in early wear and tear, or if investigation shows damage/tear/soiled is caused by inflicted damage/scratch/cut/self modifications.

If you have any questions about our warranty terms or need assistance with a claim, please contact our customer service team. Thank you for choosing our recliner sofas for your home, and we hope you enjoy them for years to come.

Our warranty do not cover wear and tear, mishandling, neglect, abuse or malicious deliberate act by human or animal, or by other agent/s or sunlight.